We’re alive!

25 11 2011

 We’re alive. After the release of the 1.0 version, i’m going to work again on Ubucompilator but i need your ideas to make a beautiful 1.2 version.

You can get the uploaded code from launchpad using this simply command:

bzr branch lp:ubucompilator

Please, give some ideas to make a very good product.

Ubucompilator 1.0, OUT NOW

25 05 2011

Hi dudes, I’m proud to annunce the firt version of Ubucompilator. You can find some news at the link below:

Ubucompilator 1.0

UPDATE: The site it’s now online, you can read the annunce and download the .deb from launchpad!


Ubucompilator 1.0 RC2 OUT NOW

21 01 2011

Hi to everybody i’m have not forgot Ubucompilator and now i’m very proud to annunce the RC2 of Ubucompilator 1.0!

The main news are:

*Removed “Debuild binary” now Ubucompilator use the command “dpkg-buildpackage”
*Insert a preferences tool, to manage what “version” of Ubucompilator you want
*Now avabile the waf “version” of Ubucompilator bootable by the preferences tool
*New mode to view file on the UNZIPTOOL
*Classic bugfixing

To download a .deb download :


A .deb package!

I’m proud to annunce the Ubucompilator’s site!! Visit the site now!

Support Ubucompilator!!!!

10 11 2010

I’m here to apologize for the delay in the release  of Ubucompilator-1.0, but I’m currently without my battle’s laptop due to a fault and the development is slow. So if you love ubucompilator support it with a paypal donation please.

Ubucompilator now have a wiki!!

14 10 2010

Hi I’m proud to announce some news for Ubuntu compilator. I launched a new Wiki that you can find here. I’m writing many new pages now. Stay alert for more news!


Ubucompilator 1.0 beta

30 09 2010

Hello to everybody i’m very happy to annunce the beta version of Ubuntu 1.0, after 11 mounths of development we have these version. In these version we can find:

  1. New style
  2. New unziptool
  3. Bugifix
  4. Checkinstall mode

You can find the source code+autotools here and the the .deb here

Ubucompilator 0.1.2 experimental ppa!!!

16 07 2010

Hi, i’m here and the developement of Ubucompilator is going. Now, with the help by Roberto Ferramosca we have an experimental ppa  for Ubucompilator.

We can found the ppa’s address at this address

For installation:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/ubucompilator
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubucompilator

After the installation if debconf appeare on your desktop, close it. I’m working to select all the selected packages…

If the ppa’s installation don’t finish install the .deb—> https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/ubucompilator/+files/ubucompilator_0.1.2-1~lffl~lucid~ppa_all.deb



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